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SDS utilizes a variety of different equipment depending on the type of the work being completed. We are constantly updating, maintaining, and acquiring new gear to ensure we have the tools to get the job done. 

Underwater Saw
Superior Dive Service Truck


Although standard hand tools can be used in some instances, the demanding underwater environment requires specialized and modified equipment. Equipment can range from battery powered tools for smaller/residential work to pneumatic and hydraulic powered tools for commercial applications.   

Dock Removal

2019 brought record high water levels in the Great Lakes which has necessitated the removal of docking and other structures that has become submerged. 

Angle Grinder

Battery powered angle grinder. 

Pneumatic Angle Grinder

Pneumatic angle grinder for heavy duty use.


SDS uses full face masks equipped with communication units. Divers can speak to one another as well as a tender and/or customer on the surface. Communication while underwater enhances safety and efficiency while also allowing the diver to keep the customer informed of the progress/conditions of a particular job on a continual basis. 

Comunication Equipment
SDS Diver

Digital Photography and Drone Services

High definition digital photo/video are used during inspections to document damage and condition of hulls, props, seawalls, water intakes, aging docking, etc. Copies of all photos/videos are immediately supplied to the customer on site to allow quick assessment and diagnosis. Aerial and underwater drones also allow extended photography and inspection services when needed.   

Under water camera
Aerial Drone Services
Underwater ROV

Lift Bags and Recovery Gear

Commercial lift bags are used for recovery/salvage work, mooring work, pulling pilings, etc. to raise heavy items from the lake bed. Other recovery gear includes marker buoys, metal detection equipment, lights, compass, reels, and rigging to assist in performing search patterns during zero visibility conditions. 

Lift bags
SDS Lift Bags
Superiror Dive Service Equipment
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