Whether it be a snowmobile, boat, quad, boat motor, heavy equipment/tools, or something else, our professional and experienced divers at
SDS recover your machines and equipment from under the water and/or ice. A variety of techniques are used during these recoveries, and every one varies from another. Communication equipment allows divers and the customer the ability communicate during a dive which enhances safety and efficiency. Avoid costly fines for leaving your machine in the water and contact us for further information.
Scuba diving salvage/recovery, underwater maintenance.
Scuba salvage, vehicle recovery, other underwater services and maintenance.
Vehicle Ice Salvage February 2016
Gear Salvage March 2019

Snowmobile River Salvage April 2020

Video: Lifting sunken snowmobile from river bottom.

20200520_141506 (2).jpg

Broken pilings causing a hazard to navagation


Utilizing a hydraulic chainsaw to cut wooden pilings

Video: Wooden piling removal/salvage for the United States Coast Guard

Commercial Inspections

We offer high definition Inspection photos/videos, as well as written reports on anything from seawalls, to docking, to commercial vessels such as Freighters, Tugs, Barges, etc. To allow immediate feedback and diagnoses, photos/videos can be supplied to the customer on site. 

Rudder and prop inspection on a Great Lakes Tugboat


Damage inspection on a stern thruster of a Great Lakes Freighter


Minor damage to a rudder plate


For our residential customers SDS recovers items such as boat motors, jewelry, sentimental items, and other small items using multiple types of search methods as well as metal detection equipment. SDS is also able to provide recovery service to commercial customers for large and/or costly pieces of equipment, tools, rigging, etc. 
Lost, drone, recovery, scuba
Drone Recovery August 2017
Boat lift/recovery September 2020
Scuba recovery

August 2018. Recovery of a custom water tank cap from a custom made Spanish sailboat. The customer was able to provide a very accurate location where the cap was lost and recovery took less than 10 minutes despite being in the water for almost 3 years.

Zero-Turn Mower recovery

IMG_1268 (2).JPG

Golf Cart Recovery

Mooring Inspection/Repair

Over time moorings can become damaged or compromised for a variety of reasons, so mooring maintenance is a necessity to ensure its safe and reliable functioning. Corrosion occurs to due submersion in the water, while wind and waves also cause stress and friction on your mooring. SDS inspects and repairs existing moorings while keeping the original design and using only high quality hardware. During inspection, the anchoring mechanism, chain, shackles, swivels, and buoys will be inspected to check for signs of wear and corrosion. SDS provides you with a recommendation for service and is happy to present you with the worn parts after their replacement. Along with inspection and repair, seasonal install and removal is also offered. Don’t let a storm set your boat or swim raft adrift.
Corroded mooring chain/hardware and underwater dive service including inspection/replacement.
Underwater service, mooring inspection/replacement.
Which one is keeping your swim raft anchored?  
Swim raft, mooring, mooring inspection, mooring repair

Propeller Work

Damaged propellers cause undue stress on driveline components and decrease efficiency in boats and ships of all sizes. SDS can inspect, adjust and/or replace your boats prop, eliminating the time consuming and oftentimes costly process of having your boat removed from the water. If needed, your prop can be reconditioned or replaced depending on your need and preference. SDS can also clear your fouled prop to keep you moving. In addition to physical inspection, we also provide immediate on-site photographic documentation of damage to your gear.
Fouled prop.jpg
Variable pitch prop adjustment

Fouled Gear/Hulls

No matter the type of vessel, it will always benefit from a clean hull and driveline components. SDS uses a variety of techniques to clean your vessels hull depending on the severity of the fouling. Keep your hulls, rudders, trim tabs, transducers, and speed wheels clean to maintain top performance, efficiency, comfort, and appearance. We can also remove debris such as vegetation, lines, cables, etc, from your fouled prop and running gear.
Have your boat propeller cleaned and maintained by Superior Dive Service. We can handle just about any underwater maintenance/recovery project.
Let Superior Dive Sevice keep your propeller/boat/running gear in top condition.

Pool maintenance and repair

Avoid water damage and erosion caused by a leaky pool liner. Most repairs are quick and simple.
Cleaning and reinstalling a main drain 

Underwater Construction/Repair

SDS offers service for damaged docks, new dock installs, breakwalls, equipment that needs to be assembled/disassembled underwater, and anything in between. Changing water levels can necessitate the need for dock system adjustments and we work closely with contractors to make sure you stay up and running all year round.
Breakwall repair
Cutting and removing submerged dock framing due to high water levels
IMG_0553 (2).JPG
IMG_0557 (2).JPG

Concrete slab and debris removal from swim area


Don’t let your boats crucial components corrode! Keep electrolysis under control. SDS will inspect and replace your sacrificial anodes while your boat is in the water to help you avoid the expensive fees of having your boat hoisted from the water for anode maintenance. This maintenance is important if your boat spends extended amounts of time in the water.
anode edit.jpg